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Dr. Otto GmbH is an expert in the area of extraction of plant substances. Valuable plant ingredients have been at the centre of our work since the very beginning.

The range of available essential oils and plant extracts of every kind is impressive. But the variability in quality is equally impressive. In order to be able to manufacture natural products at the highest quality three preconditions have to be fulfilled:

  1. control of the quality of the raw plant materials used (place of origin, growing methods, contamination and pollution, freshness)
  2. precise knowledge of the chemical composition of the target substance and the surrounding matrix.
  3. the experience and knowledge necessary to be able to use extraction technology to target and refine specific pure substances.n

It is only possible to manufacture stable and pure natural products under these conditions.

The technology developed by us over time is innovative as well as mature and allows us to adjust to the particular raw materials which are being processed so that we can exactly fulfill the given specifications. Our bespoke in-house analysis department guards each process. Due to this important part of our quality management programme, we able to guarantee the constant and excellent quality of our product.