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Whether in the cosmetic industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry - the demand for plant extracts is growing. Substances with a great variety of properties are found in native and exotic plants and they are gaining importance.

The possibilities of effectively extracting their relevant substances and applied processing methods are as great as the variety of plants themselves. At the same time it is important not to reduce or destroy their valuable characteristics.

The successful extraction and processing of these active ingredients requires thorough scientific knowledge and bespoke technical equipment. Our profile is enhanced through intrinsic expert experience with natural primary products and enthusiam for our subject.

The expertise of Dr. Otto GmbH ranges from analysis to production. From the plant extract to the final product (whether pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food) - we have the technology and knowledge to employ all the necessary steps towards convincing quality.

It does not matter what your project looks like or which product you are interested in - we will gladly to support you.