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Dr. Otto GmbH has a high performance analytical department and offers extensive services in this area.

We place particular value on the investigation of plant substances and their quantitative analysis in relation to R & D  activities and product quality control.

The analysis (including the preparatory methodology) comprises of the isolation of plant substances through distillation/crystallization/extraction.  The separated substance are mainly characterized through gravmetric methods (unsaponifiable, acid value, sapomification value, peroxide value etc.)

We are also able to offer services in the small scale production of fatty acids from triglyceride and esterfication of fats and fatty acids.

In the area of physical analysis we are experts in the following methods: DSC, TGA, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography-fid, DC, determining viscosity, density measurement, state of matter transitions (melting point, boiling point, crystalization).

Our highly qualified team is also able to handle complex assignments and is convinced that with the right methods, the right parameters can be defined.